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As the wood pulp (Rayon/Cotton) yarns themselves are soft, they are ideal to make into a new form of technological blended yarns consisting of natural fiber and liquid metal to yield three major functions of anti-allergic, antibacterial/deodorizing, and sun screening/anti-UV. The functionalities emphasized by conventional yarns are dominated by adding additives with the disadvantage of short effectiveness. On the other hand, our yarns are directly drawn from master batches in a liquefied state that would fuse covalently with the natural characters of yarns. Hence, their functionalities will not be degraded despite successive washings, enabling them to have a similar lifespan as the fabrics. They are suitable to make into fabrics for children’s clothing, underwear and various kinds of bodysuits.

1.Anti-allergic: The yarns made of natural raw materials will not cause allergic problem to users.

2. Antibacterial/deodorizing: Odors are generated by protein reactions discharged by a variety of bacteria to form ammonia. The positive charge carried by zinc oxide is able to create drag and pull actions with the bacteria with negative charge, thereby killing the bacteria to achieve a deodorizing effect.

3.Sun screening/anti-UV: Yarns added with zinc oxide can provide a non-toxic and lasting physical sun screening and anti-UV effects to the skin. As zinc oxide is insoluble in water, its effectiveness is therefore enduring. For specific kind of fabrics, their effectiveness may even get better in prolonged washing.