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High performance filter antiseptic material can effectively obstruct air


Liquid Zinc protective water-repellent mask

Effectively prevent the intrusion of droplets, three-dimensional cut, and adjustable nose bridge, perfect fit to the face, breathable, comfortable to wear for a long time, repeatable washing, and long-term protection!

Health: Protect and block, avoid winter flu and block pollution and dust and other

Time: Take public transportation, enter and exit public places, catch a cold.

Economic: Can be used repeatedly for a long time, comfortable and not allergic.

Environmental protection factors: repeated use to love the Mother Earth and improve protection capabilities.

•• Made in Taiwan, reusable and washable, environmentally friendly and earth-friendly.
•• Eliminate the odor of saliva secretion, the strap is comfortable and high-efficiency antibacterial, suitable for long-term use.
•• Zinc is a naturally antibacterial material, and it does not contain any harmful chemical materual.
•• adjustable nose bridge bead, perfectly fits the face, breathable and comfortable
•• Patented compound trace element breathable layer structure composition, anti-bacterial,anti-odor and promote blood circulation:
•A. Barrier layer with antibacterial and deodorizing function
•B. Purification layer to isolates suspended particles in the air
•C. Water-repellent layer ro blocks exhalation, droplets to have self-protection


•Nano-scale particles can truly meet the goal. The smaller the nanoparticle size, the more effective it is to kill the virus.

•Viruses are 5-10 nanometers, only when the particle size is less than 5-10 nanometers, can the virus be effectively destroyed.


Internal applies Talent Yarn® Hi-energy patented Eco-friendly fabric:

1. Effectively aborb organic air and stink onto the mask.

2. On struct powder and non-oil particle in the air.

3. It is made of high effectively obstruct dirty air.

4. Feel like placed around natural soothing.


PPT: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1VG58xGDAMAToyvnPHxS_2b_AlTbNO2zO/view?usp=sharing