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  • i-Mydrive Maya Wave Motion Resonant Vitality

Utilize golden combination trace elements energy to drive your own immunity. Embedded these trace elements by intelligent nanotechnology to enhance self-protection for sustainable healthcare.


iMydrive_   iMydrive Yarn application

i Mydrive  OEKO-TEX Certification

i-Mydrive Maya Wave Concept –the Energy Quantum Discourse


Quantifying the energy of nano-level wearable trace elements after the energy generated by various trace elements is superimposed. Under the interaction between skin touch and resonant frequency energy, in the form of quantum resonance to stimulate the function of mitochondria and enhance the function of cells. Through the conduction between various ion channels and peripheral nerves, the resonant wave generated by the energy wave of quantum resonance is consistent with the oscillation frequency in human cells, to activate and repair the body's metabolism then enhance the function of nerve conduction effectively to accelerate circulation between capillaries.


It is known from the 2022 Nobel Prize in Physics that what happened to particles, other particles also happened at the same time, even if they are separated, their performance still the same. Similarly, the quantum fluctuations produced by trace elements in the skin will interact and superimpose their energies to achieve cellular uplift.

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