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Smart, energetic, multi-functional socks 【TalentSocks】

The Talent Socks made by functional Talent Yarn

There are 2 kinds of Talent Socks. The first one is ankle quarter crew socks for police and army, and the other kind is non-show socks for running. Both these 2 kinds of socks are mainly for testing the functions of Talent Yarn.
Talent Socks are with ant- mildew and anti-odor functions and we also have the odorless function with 96% odor reduction.
If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.

Sock is trivial in our life but still very important. 

When we feel uncomfortable with our socks, it brings burden to our body and weakens body functions.  We understand that there are a lot of minerals related to human health in nature which are applied to make perfect combination with socks. It features the four major functions of anti-bacteria and deodorant, double protection, humidity-absorbing and wicking and cool dry.  The function emphasized by products in market mostly produced with additives, so the effect can’t last long. 

Our socks are produced with mineral elements covalent binding with yarns directly so the function will not decrease along with washing for many times. The effect is permanent.