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高能性抗菌過濾材質 能有效組絕髒空氣 High performance filter antiseptic material can effectively obstruct air








•台灣製造可重複水洗使用, 環保愛地球
•天然抗菌材質 - 鋅纖維布料是物理性天然抗菌材料,不含任何危害副作用的化學成分
•A. 阻隔層-具有抗菌除臭功能,一般場合使用即具有防護功能。
•B. 淨化層-隔絕空氣中的懸浮微粒
•C. 防潑層-阻擋呼出、吐出空氣跟飛沫滲入,防潑水保護,有隔離細微水氣特性


Change and innovation are the best two methods to break through the dilemma; and R&D of energy and eco-friendly textile fabrics bring the stem lifeline of future industrial revolution in evidence of the effects incurred from energy auxiliary medicine and bioenergetics transmission.

As in the leading edge of R&D of energy fabrics, Four Elements Energy. Ltd., Co., (TalentFabric) endeavors to share how to apply zinc oxide and trace elements, fare infrared etc, at the ground of the most pioneering and advanced technology as well as the top R&D team, to implement these compound energies into environmental-protective textile products. 

For the sake, Four Elements CEO specially invites a prominently reputed doctor and physician team to discuss pointed at the technologic integration and applicable situation of zinc oxide eco-friendly textile currently introduced worldwide in our Aged Colony Seminar in purpose of combining the actual proofs of both eastern and western medicine to understand the importance of energy health-care family textile goods

The progressive era makes our earth destroyed

A.There have been more and more people suffering from nasal allergy

B. Dirty air: H1N1 flu virus (swine flu) , SARS, Ebola virus, Norovirus,volcano ash, flu, pollen…

C. High-energy germ-filter material can effectively obstruct air

                  D. It makes me feel like placed around natural soothing

    Pure and fresh, comfort, say bye-bye to the bad air

Internal applies Talent Yarn® Hi-energy patented Eco-friendly fabric:

1.  Effectively aborb organic air and stink onto the mask.

2.  On struct powder and non-oil particle in the air.

3.  It is made of high effectively obstruct dirty air.

4.  Feel like placed around natural soothing.


規格: 立體抗菌口罩





1.抗菌除臭: 臭味的產生來自於細菌與身體產生之蛋白質發生作用,產生氨氣臭味。我們運用礦物元素與紗線結合,使紗線具備殺菌能力,進而達到除臭的功能

2.強效防護: 由高能性抗菌過濾材質組成,猶如身體的第一層盔甲。

3.能量補充: 添加至紗線的礦物元素能夠與人體共振,適時補充體內缺乏的能量,幫助人體抵抗細菌病毒的侵擾。