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Polyester I-Cool+: 75D/72F, 150D/144F

Talent Yarn
Innovative technology: Use our special technology to combine natural mineral
elements in liquid metal to have long-lasting functions.
Eco-friendly concept: Use non water-soluble anti-bacteria method to make our
environment better.
Problem solution: Use “Zndop” method which puts Zinc into fifibers to have the
functions and to stop having superbugs in our environment.
Multiple functuons: There are several functions in our yarn. For example, an-
ti-odor, anti-bacteria, anti-mildew, anti-UV, far infrared ray, warm in winter
and cool in summer
We invite you joining talent yarn family and to be part of eco-friendly group to
protect our planet. For our young people and the next generation, we would
like to the first to improve the living quality
In 2013, US’ Court made a rule that nano-silver is limit in textiles as silver is dissolvable
and then further have an impact on surroundings and food chain.
Either is Copper. Compared to these materials, Zinc Oxide passes FDA and its
anti-bacteria effect works as well as them.

Talent Yarn 天人紗
解決辦法:使用 鋅植入纖維,杜絕環境中的細菌養成。

歡迎加入智慧型天人紗Talent Yarn家族,一起為改善下一代生活環境努力!
非溶出抗菌型材料 - 氧化鋅之應用

Talent Yarn採用非溶出型抗菌劑與纖維的基起反應結合;透過物理方式處理接觸細菌,

地球暖化所引起的需求,Talent Yarn節能減碳,長效複合機能。

I-Cool+ : POLY 75D/72F 150D/144F
除臭:除100ppm氨臭標準達80%。抗菌- AATCC147;中國GB抗UV ;

添加高含水材料,植入 鋅元素,無菌干擾,化解汗水與微生物所帶來的異味。