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75D/72F, 150D/144F


*Natural Thermal Mineral Element – with warming effect

*It may release negative ions,infrared ray…with healthy and warming function.

*By the touch of body humidity, it inspires the heating of thermal element to keep body warm and increase the oxygen content.


The feature of flower-shape Talent Yarn with eight cross-section trench:

*Achieve excellent absorbing and relieving effect to discharge sweat promptly and make skin fresh and dry.

*The sense of cold effect is better than cross section and Y-shape cross section.

*Maintain better elastic for textile and the real color appears again.


The function of Zinc Oxide

*Anti-ultraviolet – heat stability and good heat-resistance.

*Non-irritated to skin – persistence

*Anti-bacteria & deodorant – non-toxic

*Good washability

*Metabolism, anti-static