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Finished products » Anti-bacterial spray
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We work with aroma therapists who have the NAHA certification of the United States and the certification of the International Association of Aromatherapists of IFA, the exclusive formula of special M19 liquid zinc combined with pure essential oils, natural antibacterial, relieve stress, and protect yourself and your family!

Liquid zinc + cinnamon leaf essential oil

The role of cleaning and protection: Improve self-protection and avoid environmental threats.

Use it anytime and anywhere, do not bring the germs home!

After testing, it is non-irritating, non-toxic and low-sensitivity to acute oral toxicity test, acute eye irritation, effective sterilization, long-term protection, mild and non-irritating.

 Zinc ions are a common element in the human body and have little impact on organisms. The antibacterial zinc particles will still exist after the bacteria have been eliminated, so as to continue to interact with other bacteria to achieve the purpose of "strong and long-lasting" sterilization.