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適用天人紗製成的天人襪 分為軍警用的1/2襪以及跑步型的隱形氣墊襪。 主要提供試用天人紗的功效之一。 擁有96%的除臭效果!可以防霉、除臭,讓消費者有感!! 歡迎有興趣職者,來函詢問。

Smart, energetic, multi-functional socks 【TalentSocks】-

Sock is trivial in our life but still very important.  When we feel uncomfortable with our socks, it brings burden to our body and weakens body functions.  We understand that there are a lot of minerals related to human health in nature which are applied to make perfect combination with socks. It features the four major functions of anti-bacteria and deodorant, double protection, humidity-absorbing and wicking and cool dry.  The function emphasized by products in market mostly produced with additives, so the effect can’t last long. 

Our socks are produced with mineral elements covalent binding with yarns directly so the function will not decrease along with washing for many times. The effect is permanent.

100% eco-friendly, dope dyeing yarn, it reduces production time without pollution. It possesses anti-bacterial and deodorant functions so not necessary to wash often. It is energy-saving, carbon reduction and eco-friendly.

1. Anti-bacteria and deodorant: Odor comes from action of bacteria and protein of human body to generate ammonia odor.  We apply zinc oxide to yarns because

   zinc can pull bacterial cell wall to cause death of cell and achieve deodorizing effect.

2. Double Protection: The zinc oxide element is added to yarns to get body resonance for supplementary energy and resistant to invasion of bacteria and viruses.

3. Humidity-absorbing and Wicking: Discharge the sweat outside fabric quickly to reduce stickiness and burden of body.

4. Cool Dry: Because of excellent thermal effect, sweat can be easily discharged to reduce stickiness and make body comfortable.


“Smart Eco New Life; Lohas Healthy Foot”  For recent years, the issue of global warming is much concerned.  For environment, the most importance is how to reduce pollution and consumption during production.  As for human health, energy-saving and carbon reduction must be recognized, such as decreasing unnecessary body energy consumption, raising body motion efficiency and the new concept of detoxification.


Foul foot is one of the odors most difficult to remove.  It gives great burden to body for uncomfortable feet. People often wash the socks every day to remove odor which will not only influence the endurance of socks but also add environmental pollution and energetic consumption.

So we specially organized TalentSocks experience activity of “Smart Eco New Life; Lohas Healthy Foot”. 





1.抗菌除臭:     臭味的產生來自於細菌與身體產生之蛋白質發生作用,產生氨氣臭味。我們運用氧化鋅與紗線結合,鋅本身能夠拉扯細菌的細胞壁,致使細菌死亡,


2.雙重防護:     添加至紗線的礦物氧化鋅元素能夠與人體共振,適時補充體內缺乏的能量,幫助人體抵抗細菌病毒的侵擾。

3.吸溼排汗:     將原本無色無臭的汗液,迅速排往布料外層,降低使用者身體的黏膩感,減少身體負擔。

4.強效乾爽:     由於具備較好的導熱效果,使身體的產生的汗液較容易被導流,降低潮濕感,讓身體舒適。


款式: 二分之一襪 以及 隱型襪

顏色: 黑、白





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The Talent Socks made by functional Talent Yarn
There are 2 kinds of Talent Socks. The first one is ankle quarter crew socks for police and army, and the other kind is non-show socks for running. Both these 2 kinds of socks are mainly for testing the functions of Talent Yarn.
Talent Socks are with ant- mildew and anti-odor functions and we also have the odorless function with 96% odor reduction.
If you are interested in it, please feel free to contact us.