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To cope against coexisting with the virus in the post-epidemic era, we put forward an appeal of "wearing energy". It’s with both scientific and medical endorsement guarantee which can improve effectively about overloaded symptoms caused by stress. Modern people suffered discomfort will go to western or Chinese medical treatment. Many of them will use physical therapy methods to carry out repair and maintenance courses to solve their physical discomfort.

The source of wearing energy is I-Mydrive Multi-Functional Yarn, which is an upgraded plus functional yarn. It not only retained the single feature of functional yarn, but also with golden combination of nano trace elements. These trace elements combined with superconducting elements of semiconductors and use high-tech technology to conduct the heat energy at high speed, then implanted it in functional fibers, so that the fabric will feel like a second layer of skin. Through the contact between the fabric and the human skin, the "physical resonance frequency of Brownian motion" is derived, which can effectively awaken the cells freely to be active and energetic, promote metabolism and recur the state of returning to nature, which is sustainable and eco-friendly. Put Healthcare and Well-Being into the vision of living happily.

The multi-functional yarn of I-Mydrive plus upgraded version can achieve the effect of various functions, such as warm in winter and cool in summer, anti-UV, antibacterial and deodorant, far-infrared rays release. At the same time, it can balance "autonomic nerve disorder" and regulate sympathetic and parasympathetic nerves, to assist in nerves stabilization and improve sleeping quality.

Our concept of wearable energy coincided with the historic development of Nobel Prize winners and scientists over the years.

The research evidence is consistent with the following statement:

1. In 1954, quantum chemistry expert Mr. Pauling confirmed trace elements can effectively prevent the occurrence of cancer and reduce the incidence of diseases.

2. In 1988, scientists discovered water molecule channels in the cell membranes of the body.

3. In 1997, scientists discovered the ion channels of cells can transmit energy through the inside and outside of the skin.

4. In 2021, two Nobel laureates (biological/medical doctors) have confirmed the stimulation response pathway through cold, heat and touch sensory receptors can effectively improve physical discomfort.

R&D Philosophy

Four Elements Energy Biotech. has been approved and recommended by a global well-known environmental awareness magazine. Four Elements Energy Biotech. multi-functional textiles are achievements of team effort, which consists of Western and Chinese medical experts, doctors and government bodies. It also cooperated with global certification and inspection institutions.

Four Elements Energy Biotech. products with golden combination of trace elements functions Far Infrared, Negative Ions, Breathable, Cooling, Keep Warm, Antibacterial, Deodorant, UV Protection, Anti-Static, Waterproof etc. Apply nano-biochemical and raw material technology for making health care series and various fabrics that adapt to the climate change. We integrated the advantages of products development and production, marketing in order to set up the competitive and professional technology in the world. 

R & D Basis

Four Elements Energy Biotech. products created a balance of autonomic nerve and mircocirculation for the users in physical, mental, spiritual aspects. According to hyperbaric oxygen in clinical therapy and bioenergetics information medicine and natural medicine are Resonance Medicine theory, the key elements for promoting health are energy.

1. Brain Resonance, 

2. Qi/Blood Resonance,

3. Cell Resonance

4. Spirit Resonance.


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